Plastic Recycling

Our plastic sorting modules provide accurate separation of specific plastics from mixed
waste streams. Employing near infrared sensor technology to analyze and classify polymers,
aseptic packaging and paper according to their unique signature allows you to easily process
multiple input streams at the highest speeds attainable. All colors &amp resins (PET, HDPE,
PVC, PP, PS, PLA, and more) are accurately and efficiently separated by our top-of- the-
line optical sorting solutions:
- Using new high resolution color sensor and provides the ultimate separation performance
for plastics, e-scrap, and other small particle applications.
- Uses state of the art high resolution camera and provides accurate separation of small
particles such as plastic flake and pellets, e-scrap fines, metal scrap, minerals, etc…
- The world’s first automated sorting module. It is efficient in sorting plastics by color as well
as resin type. Three output products are generated from one input stream in the all in one
optical sorter.
- Employs highly advanced near infrared sensor technology to analyze and classify
polymers, aseptic packaging, various fibers, as well as other materials such as drink cartons.
- Induction based sensor system that is the perfect sorting machine for the separation of
small metal contaminants from glass cullet, plastic flake and e scrap.
The screen automatically separates small fibers from containers, and 2D from 3D material,
easily and efficiently. Small screen openings decrease loss of fiber to container line,
recovering even the smallest pieces of fiber. The long lasting rubber cam style discs are
specially engineered to have consistent spacing at all points at all times to make discs highly
resistant to both jamming and wrapping. Cam discs also have low amplitude that avoids
aggressive separation to keep fiber clean of small containers and other contaminates. The
screens ensure that material is sized properly for the most efficient sort possible.
Features &amp Benefits:
- Cam discs are highly resistant to jamming and wrapping, 80%, reduction in wrapping and
needed maintenance
- Variable frequency drive motors
- Small screen openings minimizes loss of small fibers to container line Uses carbon fiber timing belts drive rather than chains, eliminating the need for oilers,
adjustments, while reducing wear, maintenance, and noise
- Bolt in shafts allow for easy removal or replacement without removing side panels
- Disc are in an assembly of 5 discs one bolt per disc assembly allows fast disc replacement
- Electronic deck angle hydraulically adjustable in 1degree increments from control panel
- Designed around safety: harness connection, a hydraulic maintenance floor, lock-out tag out,
and mechanical lock on shafts

The V flattener helps to reduce your storage by up to two-thirds by perforating your plastic
containers. Utilizing our unique converging disc technology, the V will puncture and flatten
your PET and other rigid plastic containers including 2 gallon water bottles, 1 gallon milk jugs
and 3 liter PET beverage containers. Perforating your plastic makes baling more efficient by
reducing bale time and increasing bale integrity. The Flattener can be integrated into your
existing systems ensuring a seamless retrofit, fast delivery, professional installation and
rapid response to any questions or concerns.
Features &amp Benefits:
- Converging discs perforate and flatten plastic bottles
- Reduces volume by 2/3
- Reduces bale time
- Increases bale integrity
- Cast chromium steel discs
- Rubber seal between the disc assembly and drive rotor protects discs from sharp impact
ensuring longerAir Drum
This system easily removes 2 dimensional waste from 3 dimensional waste it is a low cost
separator that decreases the container stream contamination automatically by applying
vacuum technology through a rotating, perforated drum. Compact in size makes for an easy
Features &amp Benefits:
- Eliminates 2-D contaminants from 3-D material
- Low cost and long parts life
- Minimal lubrication and cleaning required
- Low maintenance
- Compact design for fast, simple installation and easy retrofit Patented technology
- Increases marketability of end-products

- Increases system throughout
- 2 multiple model sizes available
- Adjustable drum speed and suction strength
- Heavy-duty and durable
Advanced FV System consists of a series of specially designed material collection hoods
which are usually mounted above the sorting belts and used to transport handpicked
material, reducing labor costs and eliminating the need for transfer conveyors and additional
storage bunkers.
Separator is a valuable addition to any recycling process because it removes low value light
fractions from the material stream, such as un pickable items such as paper, plastic and foil
from the material stream. Typically installed at a conveyor junction, it consists of an input air
volume channeled through an adjustable nozzle, working in conjunction with an extraction
hood all mounted inside a single enclosure.