Cardboard Recycling Equipments

The CR delivers the most efficient cardboard separation in the industry. Our innovative CR
automatically separates cardboard from other fibers, containers and debris. Consisting of
durable thick steel discs, the elliptical offset pattern provides lateral agitation to remove
contaminates, leaving the CR end-product highly marketable.Features &amp Benefits:
- Variable speed drive to allow operator to adapt to material
- Discs specially engineered to have consistent spacing at all points to prevent jamming
- Large offset elliptical discs provide lateral agitation to shake loose contaminants
- Long lasting steel discs for lowest maintenance requirements in the industry
- 8” square tube rotors for long service life
-Available in multiple deck configurations to ensure the highest quality end-product
-Welded design for easy maintenance
- Easy access to each rotor and multiple clean-out doors for easy and safe access
- Lifting eye plates for ease of installation
- Shear bars at transition point to guide material flow
- Special serrated elliptical discs made of 5/8″ steel plate
- Capacity up to 30TPH
- Variable speed drive motors options