Paper Recycling Equipment

The screen automatically separates small fibers from containers, and 2D from 3D material,
easily and efficiently. Small screen openings decrease loss of fiber to container line,
recovering even the smallest pieces of fiber. SC’s long-lasting rubber cam-style discs are
specially engineered to have consistent spacing at all points at all times to make discs highly
resistant to both jamming and wrapping. Cam discs also have low amplitude that avoids
aggressive separation to keep fiber clean of small containers and other contaminates. SC’s
screens ensure that material is sized properly for the most efficient sort possible. Features &amp Benefits:
- Cam-Discs are highly resistant to jamming and wrapping- 80% reduction in wrapping and
needed maintenance
- Variable frequency drive motors
- Small screen openings minimizes loss of small fibers to container line
- CP Syncdrive™ uses carbon fiber timing belts drive rather than chains, eliminating the need
for oilers, tensioners or adjustments, while reducing wear, maintenance, and noise
- Bolt in “spindle” shafts allow for easy removal or replacement without removing side panels
- Disc are in an assembly of 5 discs one bolt per disc assembly allows fast disc replacement
- Electronic deck angle hydraulically adjustable in 1degree increments from control panel
- Designed around safety: harness connection, a hydraulic maintenance floor, lock-out tag-out,
and mechanical lock on shafts

The SC is engineered to effectively separate larger fiber from mixed paper, containers, dirt
and debris. Our patented long-lasting finger disc technology ensures efficient separation and
higher throughput paired with the lowest maintenance in the industry.
Features &amp Benefits:
- Automatically separates large fiber from mixed paper, containers and debris
- Patented one-piece, single-bolt, molded-rubber finger discs allow for greater separation
efficiency with long disc life
- Easy and fast replacement of rubber finger discs without removing the shaft
- Lowest disc cost per ton
- “Universal shafts” with preset disc spacing configurations at 6”, 8” and 10” allows screen to
be reconfigured easily to target different size fiber and increase throughput

- Four individually adjustable, variable speed rotor drives to optimize separation
- SC uses carbon fiber timing belts rather than chains, reducing wear, maintenance, and noise
and eliminates the need for oilers, tensioners or adjustments
- Low labor maintenance, easy installation and integration
- Variable speed drives and hydraulically adjustable deck, ease angle changes quickly
- Designed around safety: harness connection points exceed CE and OSHA standards, a
hydraulic maintenance floor extends on demand to provide safe access, lock-out tag-out
trapped key system, and mechanical lock on shafts prevents “roll back” of shafts during
V-Screen (SCV)
SCV Manufacturing’s patented SCV Separator is a technological advancement that has
changed the shape of single-stream processing. Two separating decks angled in a space-
saving trough configuration effectively separate fibers and containers. The SCV unique dual
decks fold vertically to allow for easier, safer maintenance access. Improved discs last up to
three times longer than other discs on the market and have a higher co-efficiency of friction
than ever.
Features &amp Benefits:
- Increases system processing capacity
- Reduces labor costs
- Reduces residue by capturing more recyclables
- Easier, safer maintenance with the lowest costs in the industry
- Best separation efficiency available
- Exclusive hydraulically actuated, electronically controlled deck angle and machine pitch
quickly accommodate your processing needs
- Patented traction-control air system applies a light bed of air to top of fiber stream,
minimizing roll back and maximizing fiber/container separation
- Patented disc technology with long-lasting two-piece, bolt-together molded rubber discs with
metal inserts allow for easy maintenance or removal
- Exclusive square-tube steel shafts minimize wrapping and require minimal cleaning
- Variable speed drives

Our company manufactures various models and types of machines, equipment, spare parts needed to manufacture pulp moulded products made from waste paper, corrugated boxes etc.

The production lines are modular, affordable and easy to maintain.

High productivity, easy interchangeability of mould tooling, consumes less energy with less manufacturing cost, faster setup time

The range of products are:
Egg tray, box, carton of multi cavity sizes Can shell
Apple, Fruit, Tomato, Pear, Orange trays
Cup carriers used in fast food outlets Hospital and Medical Care products and Paper trays